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Arch North East- Archway Project- Teesside

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Hi everybody, 

I just wanted to let any north east locals know about our service. 


Arch North East is a sexual violence service based in Middlesbrough. We provide free support to people across Teesside who have been affected by sexual violence. We provide an advisory service and a counselling service. 

Our ArchWay service is for anyone involved in sex work living/working in Teesside. This covers: Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool, Redcar & Cleveland. 

The ArchWay ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) supports people involved in sex work, who may have experienced sexual crimes (i.e removal of condom without consent). This might be as part of work, or at any other time. No matter how recent or historic the incident/s might be, we can offer judgement free and confidential support. We are a charity and are independent of the police.

•   We also provide safety advice, information on reporting options, and can refer you to additional support if needed.

•   If someone decides to report to the police, we can support them through the criminal justice process. We can support you to report to the police, keep you informed of the investigation and support you at court. We ensure your voice is heard each step of the way. 

We can refer or signpost people to additional services such as:
•   Health
•   Counselling
•   Legal Services 
•   Housing/Benefits

If you have any queries, contact us via Whatsapp/Text on 07521517571 or e-mail project21@archnortheast.org, with no obligation to sign up to our service. 

For more information about Arch, or to self-refer, visit http://www.archnortheast.org/


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