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Dean Street Express

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Does anyone else who uses Dean Street Express have a gold card?

I was there today, having booked a 'time-slot', and when I mentioned to the nurse who was taking my bloods that I was sex worker, he asked if I had a gold card. He explained that a gold card allows you to bypass the appointment system and use the clinic as it was originally, that is, you can walk-in off the street and get a check-up. You just show your gold card at reception when you go in. (Instead of an actual gold card, they can send you a 'gold text' which you save on your phone and show each time, instead of the 'time-slot' text that you usually get when booking an appointment).
I asked how long the scheme had been running for, he said about a year. But I've been to Dean Street Express several times in the last year, each time I've mentioned being an escort, and nobody has ever said about this gold card. Maybe they've all just assumed I already had one.

So I wondered if anyone else had one and if so, what's been your experience of using it? (Like, longer waiting times to be seen, anything like that.)

It's nice to have finally achieved the status of a VIP. Feels somewhat inevitable that it's in connection with a clap clinic.

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