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Craigslist Wording


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Craigslist is what got me started in escorting. It's ease and anonymous email system has been brilliant. It shows the name they've registered to their email but hides their email address... meaning you can at least do a quick Facebook snoop on them if you know roughly where they live. This has been a brilliant sly method of vetting clients before I agree to them (and double checking they aren't mutual friends with anyone etc).

However, after over a month using it, in the last couple of weeks it's decided to take offence to how I'm listing myself on there. I'm being discreet and careful with my wording, and can sometimes slip a clear hint in. But it's hit and miss as to what slips through the net and makes it on the board, and eventually it seems there's a moderator who will just flag / delete it. My latest ad is my weakest yet for sure and I'm getting a lot of random messages for people just time-wasting, after sexting and basically not realising I'm escorting.

I'm always very up front with anyone who messages and say a polite "Just to be up-front, but I'm not sure if you're aware I'm an escort. No problem if that is not what you are looking for, but best to be clear to avoid miscommunication"  4 out of 5 will say "Oh no, not for me sorry but cheers!", and 1 out of 5 will be a genuine client enquiry who did realise. But yeah, it's been a bit tedious this week.

Have any of you found a sure-fire way of clearly hinting you're escorting on Craigslist that doesn't break their terms and won't get the moderator's panties in a bunch?

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Craigslist is full of times waters, and yes, occasionally there will be a genuine client but it is not worth all that hassle, and the number of bitchy guys out there who seem to get some sort of satisfaction by flagging posts! Best invest your time and some money on Google adwords.

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