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rentboy.pro popped up late last year with a very similar design to the extinct rentboy.com. There's some conflicting information kicking around on other forums about who they are and whether the site is, or ever will be, worth advertising on. For now there's only a few London listings so I won't post an ad but I'll keep an eye on them and see how it goes. The original rentboy was a great site so I hope this new one will be too. I used to get almost all of my business from the old one. I suspect it won't take off.. Nowadays almost all my jobs are regulars, duos with regular duo partners, clients who find me either by searching eg for "male escort london" and finding my site directly on the first page of google results or clicking to my site from one of the articles about me, some from twitter (which got to 110,000 followers and then got banned for "unlawful use" so I'm having to start again from zero) and very occasionally from a directory listing. The trend seems to be towards online directories becoming less and less relevant. The future is mobile apps, having your own website with good seo and using social media. Still the same number of clients (one or two per day) but a lot more work goes into marketing now. Back in the rentboy days I could just pay for a diamond or platinum ad and get all my business from that, gayromeo and gaydar.

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I've not seen rentboy.pro before but one to watch maybe. Although this site has the name and a similar design to the original rentboy.com, rentboy.pro seems to be running on WordPress, whereas rentboy.com had a custom backend. I doubt there is any connection to the original business.

Interestingly, rentboy.pro claims to be hiding telephone numbers from Google but I can't see any mechanism that prevents this. There's no restriction in robots.txt or in the page HTML (There might be some DOM manipulation which I can't see without firing up other software). Also, they're blocking indexing from a Russian search engine called Yandex but no others. Seems an odd one to single out.

Mobile apps are definitely stealing business from the directories but I don't think they'll replace us just yet, if only because none of them allow escorts and therefore regularly delete accounts. Having your own website is a great way to go but it does take time for a new website to get listed and people still want to work whilst waiting for that to happen. There are also many clients who pick a directory and stick with it, they don't look elsewhere.

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