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Unmasking Withheld Numbers


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Having not checked for 5 years, I just found that there are again easily accessible methods of unmasking the many private numbers that contact me on a daily basis.

The services work by diverting the caller when rejected, to a foreign number that legally (in that jurisdiction) unmasks the number. You are then sent an email with the number.

Generally, the only time it doesn't work is when you are not at the phone and can't divert the call by rejecting it. So I have set my phone to auto-reject all withheld numbers. I usually call back withheld.

The services generally cost £4.99 per month. The one I use is https://icaughtu.io/

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Do not use the above service.

They have taken my money and repeatedly withdraw service within the window paid for. And then don't refund the subs you make to re-enable the service.

I'm battling them thru PayPal for all my money back.

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