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Sleazymichael The Sex Business Ch5 10pm 22nd May

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NOTE: You can still view via catch-up

Last summer I was invited to be part of a documentary - most requests I turn down when the 'genre' is similar.
The bulk was filmed in NUNHEAD - some of our lovely locals were also interviewed - my 'HIStory' also features Islington On The Green, Kings Cross, Alexander Palace ( Bounds Green Railway Depot ) Brixton ( Prince of Wales ) and Soho. 
Autumn 2017 was scheduled for TV release - by 2018 it had all become a disthttps://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/05/22/gay-sex-escort-sleazy-michael-the-sex-business-channel-5/ant memory ( another doc of me never went beyond MONTHS of friggin filming ).
16th May 2018 I was with a new gardening client the lovely Janet , phone croaked ( it is an I Phone 3! ) 'Am I speaking to Michael Peacock this is Sasha from Maroon Productions, the three part documentary is now scheduled for Monday 21 Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23rd of May 2018.
The title is THE SEX BUSINESS – I feature in the episode WORKING FROM HOME 22nd May. This will include an element of my work that has never been filmed for a TV documentary.
Focusing on the POSITIVE elements of the industry is un-precedented and this was my motivation for taking part.
My life is as colourful as the wardrobe I wear ( sometimes very little ) and so many friends have urged me to write my story, which to date has accumulated over 86,000 words last added to in 2010 maybe I will soon be in the zone again to continue!
This would not have happened if it was not for my dear friend Patrick Lilley, thank-you for giving me the 'heads up' way back.
Well as the fabulous David Hoyle often shares with his audience ‘I leave it with you.’

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Ben Manchester

I caught this episode quite by accident and enjoyed it, not that I normally watch anything on Channel 5 (it's mostly for Daily Fail readers IMHO). Good on you for showing your working life.

Mistress Dita, a dominatrix from Hull, was also incredibly open and very personable. I really liked her.

The next episode, which focussed on drug addicts and street prostitution was depressing.

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Thanks Ben
I thought both girls were inspired choices - I have missed a trick with all the GIFTS OMG!
Also that the Dom helped the homeless was very positive.
The other so reminded me of Amy Winehouse! 70 clients a week fcuk me!
I also know Ashley Ryder - lovely guy 'the most famous fister in the UK'
The working the streets although covered so many times, was appropriate to include for balance.

The explicit content and including clients in action was un-precedented 
Lat weekend I as attending 'The Biggest Weekend' hosted by BBC Radio 6 at Belfast. I lost count after 30 greeted me with compliments.





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