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Forum Software Upgraded to 4.3

Ben Manchester

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A new version of the forum software was installed today, there are improvements in a number of areas which you will see as you use the website.

The main new features are:

  • Improvements to search interface to make it easy to find things
  • Expanded emoji selection
  • Improved link embedding
  • Lots of admin functions I haven't looked at yet

Please let me know if you experience any unusual behaviour or errors.


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5 hours ago, James said:

Questions seem to stay unread and highlighted however many times I view them and refresh the main index. The one on keeping hard is currently showing as unread.

Thanks. All mine are read. I tried posting a test and that shows as read too.

Are answered questions being highlighted, or just unanswered ones? Are they showing on the unread content page?

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Mmm, am not sure. 

Would you try force reloading the theme files? Just Ctr and F5 on PC, CMD+R on Mac. 

Which browser and platform are you using? 

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Weird, it's not happening to me on Chrome for Windows or Linux (I don't have Mac anymore). Only unread threads show as bold.

I see you're using Chrome for Windows too so I wonder what's different. Do you have any browser plugins that are designed to rewrite the page? Ad blockers, CSS overrides, that sort of thing?

Is Subway 4.3 the forum theme you're using? You can check using the theme option at the bottom left of the footer.

I can't see anything in the forum settings that affects this behaviour.


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Do you not like the Subway theme? That should be the default for users. 

I left the other one up as it used to work better on mobile but Subway seems to work fine now too 

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1 hour ago, James said:

The default is IPS Theme for me, and I can't find how to change it.

That's weird, I wonder how many others aren't seeing the proper theme!

I've changed your theme in your user preferences. Hopefully, that'll sort you out. You may need to refresh again.

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I think you probably have the right theme then (red and blue instead of blue and white).

IPS Theme by IPS Focus refers to the company who made the theme. I've removed access to the Generic Forum theme so you, in theory, can't have that anymore.

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