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Advertising In The Midlands


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Hi guys, was hoping for some of the best places/ platforms to advertise. Ive recently joined sleepboy, and I’ve had a few clients from the site. I was wondering if there are any other main sites/ etc to consider using? 



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Hi Freddie,

Welcome. Nice to see someone else in the Midlands here. Based in Coventry here, but work all over the Midlands (+ London and Manchester now and again). 

Advertising can be very hit & miss depending on region / area, especially since the extra sensitive moderation of Craigslist (which used to be amazing around a year ago). But I guess it also depends on how much work you're looking for.

At my peak in the last two years escorting, I was probably taking between around 4 - 6 clients a week, and Craigslist was great for quick responses and short-notice bookings. But as this was only ever part-time for me around my actual work, I've let things dwindle and just left my profiles / ads active on Sleepyboys and Vivastreet (with a couple of profiles on a few lower profile apps), and just let enquiries come to me as & when. 

Sometimes that's just one or two a month, sometimes a couple a week, which is enough for me for the time being.  I'm enjoying the quiet and don't need the extra cash right now. But I shall see how things go in the new year as to whether I ramp things up again.

I tried an ad in the back of QX Mag a few months ago because they had a discount offer for ad space. I had a few creepy enquiries from old guys who'd found the mag in their local grotty Midlands sauna, and that was it. No actual bookings. Bit of a waste of money for me personally, and I suspect these ads only really stand a chance in London.

I've personally avoided Rentmen because of their silly fees and sign-up charges, so I can't really say how well that site works for Midland Escorts. 

Sleepyboy and Vivastreet are probably the most reliable sites for the Midlands anyway now, so definitely make yourself known there. It's worth getting yourself on any free sites you can, and if you can sneak any ads on local Craigslist pages - go for it. There's still potential clients looking around for lads on there, but don't be surprised if your ad gets shut down by the moderators quickly. But personally, Sleepyboy and Vivastreet are the only sure-fire sites for the Midlands.

Feel free to drop me a DM if you want to chat to a fellow Midlander.

Greg. x 







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