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Weekly Sexworker Breakfasts In London


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Weekly Sexworker Breakfasts In London

This event has been going for some time, but I've just started helping to run it, so I thought I'd post it here

Its a weekly breakfast social held every Wednesday, 12pm-3pm in Bethnal Green, London
It's run exclusively for sexworkers, and attacts people from accross the sexwork spectrum - female escorts, male escorts, trans escorts, strippers, dominatrix, sugar babies etc
At the moment there's usually between 3 - 8 people there each week hanging out, chatting, bitching about clients, sharing advice and updating on sexworker activism.
There's tons of free food, tea, coffee, free condoms (when we can get them), and the whole event is free to attend.

The only rules are not to discuss how much you earn (as it can vary wildly and make lower-paid workers feel self-concious) and to be respectful of the wide variety of genders, sexualities, ethnicities and sexworker types that attend.
I.e. it's a welcoming safe-space with no discrimination

I'm generally there every week. WhatsApp me on 07754672059 for address details


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Great to hear it's still going.  I went years ago, and it was really sweet and lovely. I've kept meaning to go back, but one thing or another came up and I forgot about it. It was a really nice way to spend a morning. Recommended. 

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This sounds wonderful. I'm based in the Midlands, but get to London once or twice a month usually. So I'll try and time my next visit to get to one of these meet-ups soon!
Never actually had the chance to speak to another sexworker in-person (only ever over the phone), so... I'm totally game. :)

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Great to see a few people from here over the past few weeks

Send me a message if you're interested in coming down for free food and a chat
I'll send you the details


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