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Had a few clients and associates mention the FetLife website to me lately, so I joined and did a bit of research.

It's a massive (international, but large UK membership) online community for pretty much all fetishes and covers pretty much all corners of the Fetish / Adult industry.

Bit of a clunky old-ish website. But appears to be pretty active. Seems very Sex Worker positive with a huge mix of genders and sexualities, with few restrictions on advertising locally (a lot of pro-mistresses/doms, ropework & BDSM classes and female escorts etc - Even found a few things in my little neck of the woods). 

There's a couple of posts within the forum for and about Gay / MSM Sex Workers , but no one really seems to have utilised it properly. So, thought it would be worth a try to get a whole section for UK Male Sexworkers and Escorts. Definitely worth a few UK escorts advertising on there to see - and, it's free. So, why not?!

I started a group section there.


Feel free to join and advertise on that group accordingly. 

Worth a shot, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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