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Just to let you all know, Terrence Higgins Trust have a presence in Oxfordshire again, We've been commissioned by the NHS to deliver outreach sexual health services around Oxfordshire including outreach STI testing.

we'd be keen to hear your thoughts about what support ( If any ) you'd like from sexual health services in Oxfordshire.

If there were interest we could look at holding some kind of event to discuss services.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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Hi Everyone,

Bit of an update to what's going on in Oxfordshire.

The NHS now have a online STI ordering service its currently split between freetesting.hiv and the main Oxfordshire sexual health website. You can also pick up self completion kits at Oxford and Banbury.

Currently only Oxford and Banbury are open for face to face appointments, I'll post in here once the other services start to open again

Please feel free to ask any questions about sexual health,  how we might be able to help with condoms etc. we'd also like to hear about what you need from sexual health services in Oxfordshire.


THT team




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