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Opponents Of The Sex Industry

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Recently mentioned on another topic, I thought it might be worth creating a new one about those who politically/ideologically/morally oppose us (or whatever it is there motivates them).

One particular vocal opponent of sex-work and prostitution (among other things) is Julie Bindel, whom I happen to have had a long, long but civilized telephone call with, on the issue of Transgender rights a few years ago.

Julie has, in my opinion furthered her views to the more extreme end of her particular ideology of late, and along with it acquiring a more prominent and vocal platform in the mainstream media. A regular columnist in The Guardian, The Spectator, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Huffington Post and a regular panelist on the BBC's "Question Time" as well on SkyNews Papers Review.

Her particular school-of thought is known as "Second-Wave Feminism": Medium.com: It’s Time to Cancel Julie Bindel and Second Wave Feminism for Good.

It's not only Women in the sex-trade Bindel has focused on, here's one of her only takes on male sex workers - taken from an article published in The Spectator magazine.


"Let’s not forget that this goes for boys too. During a visit to Los Angeles, I met Greg, born into a family with connections to the mob. From an early age he was sexually exploited and abused by powerful men. In his teenage years he met a pimp, and was sold for sex for six years before managing to escape. Greg has no truck with the idea that selling sex is part of homosexual culture."
The Spectator: The ‘sex worker’ myth Prostitution is rarely, if ever, a choice (by Julie Bindel)


Although I'm "no-fan" of OnlyFans and it's poor track-record of issuing payouts to performers and recent changes to its T&Cs on selling on content to third parties, OnlyFans is Bindel's latest folk-devil enemy:

Of course it's unfair to single-out Julie Bindel as the only anti-prostitution extremist out there, as there are unfortunately many more out there, and expect to be hearing more from them all in future.

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I think this could (and should) very easily segue into a whole other topic of "Why did you become a sex worker?" Or perhaps, "Did you voluntarily become a sex worker out of free choice?"

Yes. Yes I fucking well did. Sure, the initial incentive was financial and I needed a quick fix... But it was my choice. I had full control over how I marketed myself, my rates, who I saw and what was taking place. I regret nothing, and I bloody love it. Sure, there are tedious or disappointing days, or clients that test your resolve. But, that's why they call it work. Like - any - job.

My point being...

There is little point in dragging those who oppose sex workers through the mud. There just isn't enough capacity on this forum's server to list every one of them! But, by us rallying together and voicing our enthusiasm, commitment and and positive approach to voluntary, free-will sex work, that is perhaps how we'll turn general opinion and dispel the myth we are all forced into this by someone else's hand. 

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American Express, PayPal and a number of religion/child advocacy organisations

In a broader sense, the greatest threat is from tech monopolists and their public accountability/risk reduction approaches to content policing. Talking shop organisations are a distraction. 

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