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illegal sex trade increasing in the uk for young innocent women


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I was just watching ross kemp extreme world, tonight is was about the illegal sex trade of thousands of young innocent women being falsed to have sex, I was feeling numb and angry on what i see and heared, i alway's knew this type of things exsist but at the time i wasnt not a escort. what i mean is i have clients new and regular and i am in control if there somthing i dont want to do with a client, and the thought of not being in control is a very scary feeling, i feel deeply for these women. these sick guy's they dont give a dame just as the guy on the programe said these women are like a football's worthless and can be passed around and thrown away after they no longer needed, i feel sick, and i greatful i was bought up the way i been and to be so lucky from such a dark evil corrupt MEN AND WOMEN IN THIS WORLD

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Through my previous involvement with the IUSW - International Union of Sex Workers - it soon made me appreciate that the nature of the 'female' side of the escort industry is VERY different to ours - few guys are exploited in this way - well in the UK anyway - but even women who are not 'trafficked' re far more inclined to work for agencies - many do this by choice as they don't like the hassle of all the wankers/timewasters on the phone - it seems the guys just put up with it.

That is a reason I am such a supporter of THIS FORUM - there are PLENTY that cater for women - but this is the ONLY FORUM in the UK - that looks after us.

Some more discussion on this would be welcome.

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I totally agree Michael, this forum is so valuable and much needed.

In reply to Hot blooded, this is indeed a terrible issue but dont let the media hysteria take away from the facts...very small numbers of women are trafficked into the uk for sexual exploitation, a major police investigation took place in 2006 called operation pentameter 1, it involved all 55 police forces in the Uk and carried out 515 raids on indoor prostitution establishments in the UK and Ireland over four months. It resulted in the 'rescue' of 84 women and girls believed to have been trafficked.

This was followed by Operation Pentameter 2 in 2007. Again, the results didn't match the media hysteria. In total 822 premises were visited and 167 victims identified

So that is more than 1,300 premises raided - and around 250 women "rescued" with every force in the land looking...

Trafficking is awful and I deplore it. I spend my life battling to end violence against sex workers but this trafficking hysteria really pisses me off...there are far more sex workers raped, beaten, and tragically- murdered than ever were trafficked...and theres no ross kemp etc to highlight that

Ok rant over now guys-its just a real sore point for me :) x

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Well said Shelly. Trafficking is indeed a horrible crime but I feel that all too often anti-prostitution policies and laws are introduced under the guise of preventing trafficking.

Laws based on bigoted misconceptions are of no help to anyone, least of all the guys and girls that work in the business, and politicians that attempt to introduce laws (such as Harriet Harman and Jacqui Smith) have no place in government.

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