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I am not familiar with the site. Can you follow users anonymously?

Because if so, say a modest 50 followers > 10% genuine/potential genuine clients = 5 current or potential clients who are in total paying £200/month, but will, if constantly reminded, pay £500 in total for the same month. £300 x 12 = £3,600 profit per annum from about 5 mins a day work?

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Twitter is unregulated in terms of content but you cannot follow users anonymously. I see a lot of porn stars using Twitter but I don't know of any escorts who are successfully using it.

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In your account settings you can mark your content or media as protected just so young ones can't see your tweets. & you can protect your tweets but this will mean your tweets are not Public & only followers can view what you are writing. I know a few guys on here are on twitter the aim would be to mix advertising your services but also showing your interests for example, you tube vids or news you find interesting, helpful links etc, The aim would be to gain as much followers as Possible & using Hash tags like #escort #gayescort #london, even other hash tags like #services #fun when people search hash tags it will show your profile with your tweet & this could attract a person that was not even seeking a escort but give them thoughts or curious etc or someone who is & also upload photos to twitpic.com where you have your own album & from twitpic.com you attracted others from there too to follow you or hopelly more business. I did gain some business before but I deleted my account at the time I deleted my website & getting fans which can help for your polarity. also if anyone does sign up follow sleepboy & gay escort club & rentmen they are all on there. also follow some porn stars with massive amount of followers. to have a successful account you will need to tweet everyday & also could share it on your website with there widgets

P.S Its a good place to talk to your self lol I find my self before saying stuff like I am talking to someone but I am just letting out what I would like to say & you see others do too lol

Also you don't have to have a Full face pic as your Icon it can be anything dirty like cock pic but that don't go down well lol people always tweet I hate people with a cock pic for there profile. Also I got offered before for gay porn in London by a company I forgot the name but I seen there twinks vids before lol so opportunity's can arise too

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I did go down the Twitter route a year or so ago. Didn't attract any great response / business and I soon tired of it. Your right that you need to tweet regularly to maintain interest, probably a few times a day at least. I just seemed to attract the usual timewasters etc. I probably didn't exploit all the possibilities of Twitter.

Give it a go and see what you think.

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Also its important to put a website link in your profile but be aware your website be showing to anyone clicking your twitter profile so this could bring time wasting or nuisance calls or emails or people who hate escorts, because I seen a load of discrimination tweets against escorts & wanting to wind up escorts too. so remember your details be shown to the world if your thinking of using twitter. I have not entered my website I will be putting a Profile link with smudge eyes pic to Escort magazine & also which has got me two clients so far as well in last couple of months

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