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The Olympics and Trafficking: Myths and Evidence FREE EVENT 25 JAN 5.45PM


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From a wonderful friend and a champion of the Sex Industry Catherine Stephens will be speaking at this FREE event ( I have invited Cath to join our forum as she can share her knowledge that is relevant to the sex industry regadless of gender ).

Invitation 25 Jan 5.45pm

The Olympics and Trafficking: Myths and Evidence

Hear experts on the effect of major sporting events on trafficking in the sex industry and frontline services in London about how women in the sex industry are being endangered by current policy that fails to tackle trafficking.

Free event, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


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Professional groups will always attempt to hijack major events in this fashion, so it would be no different for women's/child protection NGOs or professional gender feminists in law enforcement, etc. You can question the myths in this instance, but you will always be a step behind. What really needs to be questioned is the assumed legitimacy, even the existence of these cartels that trade not in physical goods, but on the basis of ideas, warped language, emotions, etc.

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Gender, consent, sexuality and victimhood, childhood, etc, all of these are non-discrete, inexact - abstract - have no semblance of reality that pre-exists their coinage and use.

If these can not be questioned, the conditions will always be favorable for gender feminist trafficking NGOs, etc.

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