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Even though I was born in North London my English literature not that of standard say compared to James lol. I always out of school bunking or in Egypt on holidays so I find it hard to sometimes get across what I would like to say in my profile descriptions & also something that appeals to potential customers.

And I don't want to get someone else to write it because it don't seem cool to do so & not coming from or honest & some clients can tell if has been written by someone else. I have done quiet good on my website about self & experiences & services.

Maybe I have to take up one of them advance English Courses lol

Also some profiles I look at are the same type of ones of other escorts & if I was a client a lot would not appeal to me even if I fancy them I be put of with maybe just some wording or the feeling you get from the message there sending out not thinking how another person will see it & have heard clients have done this also.

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Who is it who writes all those naff descriptions in Queen's English for Brazilians in Soho?

I'm sure it is necessary because a lot of them are unable to write in English. Too perfect English could give the illusion that you are dealing with more than one person, or that whoever answers the email, sms or phone is drunk or drugged.

I don't think good English would help. You can come across as too clinical and too sober sometimes.

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