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removing my accounts


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I been goggling my self with usernames & mobile phones I have used so I can remove my accounts on these escort sites, I be grateful if any of you guys see me on other websites other than RENTMEN.COM / SLEEPYBOY.COM / GAYESORTCLUB.COM / GAYROMEO.COM / GAYAPPLE.CO.UK to message me or post & tell me please. Thanks

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I had just created another link to you on my website and was wondering why your site was down.

I take it you have retired, and would like me to remove the links?

- J.

Hey James lol no I anit retired yet. With my website if you can leave them the website be back on in a couple of days just having trouble with there new change over ip address I will sort it out. Thanks

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Oh, right.

If you are worried about Google delisting your site for duplicate content, you can just change the content on your website and problem solved. It's hard to see why you are removing these pages...

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Na not that my platform server wix have changed there IP I did not realise so I have to change the DNS settings am doing it now. The reason why I want them removed because I don't want to be on every escort site, I want to stick to only a few.

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