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Google +1 (a way for Escorts with online adverts to help each other out)


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+1, Google claims, will enhance the position of sites in it's search results.

You can +1 my website by Google-ing Northern Escort Services and pressing the "+1" button that appears when you hover on the green text or +1 me by clicking the button I have installed in the left column of my website.

In exchange, I will +1 any URL you provide which lists you as an advertiser (personal site or advert on another site).

If you have more than one URL, I will be happy to provide a few more of mine in a PM!

*I believe you will need a Google Account to do this. Getting one is easy. I am not yet sure whether Google prefers +1 from the search results or on-site.

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I can't decide how useful this is going to be for escort and other adult sites. Because the Google+ likes are public, I imagine a lot of people will be put off leaving votes for adult sites.

Regarding the +1 scores, I don't think there's any difference between an on page like and a search engine like.

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I think they can be found in the profile when accessed from the Google + social network or Google Maps, etc.

So it would be important to get other webmasters of similar resources and flagrant gays on Google + and social networks to do the voting.

Hence an exchange on a private forum...

It would also be potentially problematic to solicit an exchange of votes on a public forum.

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Hey James, are you still doing this? I want to play. I can't find the google thing on your website though, if it's still there. I've linked my website to google+ too, though it doesn't seem to have affected my google ranking. My profiles on websites come up in the first page or two if I put in relevant search terms but I can't find my website on google unless I enter a block of text from it.

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