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MORE Gaydar problems & no apology


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For the last 24 hours Gaydar hasn't been delivering messages. Whether this is only to some users or all I don't know, and they haven't said. In fact, they've said precisely nothing. But it's definitely more than just me, as the problem was just resolved and I've had a flood of replies to messages I sent hours ago.

It's been possible to 'force' message delivery by constantly having to click on the messages icon or continually signing off and on, but evidently most users didn't realise this and so the site was virtually useless.

Last time something like this happened Gaydar said they'd acknowledge the problem early and keep their blog updated. They did neither. And they took almost 24 hours to reply to my message pointing out what was happening. Pretty useless, I'd say.

I honestly believe Gaydar is in decline. Most people I know don't use it any more and young guys just don't bother with it. Gaydar is seen as out of date and 'for oldies'. Which is fine for us at the moment, but it doesn't bode well. It's about time Gaydar stopped being so reactive and miserly. They're like the Scrooge of the internet.

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Well twice now I have logged out & logged straight back in on two separate occasions in last two days & messages are there but showing as they just been sent

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Gaydar's response:

There was indeed an issue over the weekend with the message counter not being updated in real time. Rest assured that all messages and winks, however, were still being delivered (the number of unread just wasn't changing to reflect new messages received, in some cases).

This was rectified for most affected customers on Saturday, but for some others not until Sunday.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this, and hope you had a wonderful bank holiday weekend all the same.

Let's just say I'm underwhelmed. Yet more bad PR for gaydar. I wonder how long they think they think they can withstand their very own omnishambles?

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I get the impression that, like Gay Times, both organisations assume that gay people will just accept what's provided.

In the case of Gaydar I suppose that its only the commercial members that are affected by the recent problems ie. loss of business by the outage of service of the non delivery of messages where as most Gaydar members will only see it as a minor inconvenience. I assume that commercial members only provide a small percentage of Gaydars income and hence we are not really worth bothering about

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I've had a very frank and helpful email from gaydar explaining what happened. The automated message delivery system failed although messages were still being sent and received, just not automatically. As we knew. I've had a frank explanation as to why no info was forthcoming and let's just say it's clear it won't happen like that again.

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I hope you're right. I gave up on gaydar a long time ago. I didn't like their customer service (or rather lack of it), and therefore wasn't prepared to give them any of my money.

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