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Free Sex Workers Workshop in London

Ben Manchester

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Hands On Pro

Hands on is the new professional development and skill sharing project devised by Sex Worker Open University and X:Talk, the two sex workers' cooperatives based in London.

Hands On will be a series of weekly workshops, over two months, aimed at sex workers wanting to learn or develop relevant skills. Our first two classes will be Swedish Massage facilitated by David and I.T skills with Ms Tytania starting on the the 7th of june til 26th of July. You can read more about the classes and the teachers below. We will also offer one-off Self Defence and Martial Training with a range of expert instructors. The classes are limited to 12 people so please email contact.swou@gmail.com to book a space ( or ask us any question!). Hands On is open to sex workers of all genders, races and abilities. We wish to make the class a safe and confidential space where sex workers can learn new skills and feel less isolated.

See handsonpro.wordpress.com for more information.

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I've attended the massage class for the last two weeks and it's been really good.

It's been a useful mix of technical and informal - 'legit' massage techniques, but with an awareness that they're going to be used in 'not so legit' massage sessions.

The classes are running every Thursday, and although it's two classes in, I don't imagine it'd be a problem to join in at this point.

(It's in a nice location as well. X:Talk and Sex Worker Open University have gotten use of a building until autumn - I guess it would have been an old town house which was then converted to offices, all of which have now been vacated, and the two cooperatives have use of the building until the redevelopment in autumn. I know that's all beside the point, but it's a lovely big space to get to be in right in the centre of London and there's something very pleasing about padding up corporate carpeted stairs in my bare feet.)

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It's a bit last minute to announce on here now, but there's an additional class running tomorrow (Thursday 28th June), a self-defence class from 11am to 1pm.

Details can be found in the same place as before - http://handsonpro.wordpress.com/ - along with contact details if you want to book a place.

The rest of the workshops are running as normal from 1pm onwards.

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