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Journalist & film maker mobeen azhar seeking male escorts for a documentary


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Mobeen asked me to post this here - I have agreed to be filmed


Great to see you.

If you can post this on the forum I'll be really grateful:

Dear all,

I'm a filmmaker working with Channel 4 on a 60 minute documentary about

the lives of male sex workers. I'm interested in exploring the lives and

experiences of young, entrepreneurial sex workers who are confident about

their work.

At this stage, there is no commitment needed but you must be open to the

idea of appearing on television. To find out more - please get in touch.

I can answer any of your questions and arrange to meet.

You can contact me at mobeen@mobeenazhar.co.uk

For examples of my work please visit www.mobeenazhar.co.uk


Many thanks

Michael - is that ok?

Huge thanks


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