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Different ways of advertising


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Can i ask people's opinions on good ways to advertise.

I'm currently on Gaydar & Sleepyboy and im on a few other free internet sites but im wondering about advertising in local newspapers and magazines such as Gay Times, QX magazine.

I now have a bit of money to invest in advertising but i don't want to waste it. is it worth advertising in gay Times anymore?

Also I'm planning trips to London & Manchester and i wondered whether there were magazines or newspapers that it would be worth advertising in.

Please let me know your views

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Gay Times Clients (magazine clients in general) tend to be very old and very likely to repeat-book. So it depends on what you are willing to do and how long you are planning to stay in the industry.

There is a cheap advertising paper called Loot, that sells in some areas including Manchester. The rates you were offering would be seen as reasonable in that paper. The more a Loot Client pays, the more he will be likely to repeat book you. I would not suggest Loot for non-local Escorts or the faint of heart. There are some pretty nasty jobs on that rag. You would be better off paying for an advert on ManchesterLads.com, where you can have your ad voluntarily suspended when you leave the area. You will thus pay a month's subscription for three ten day tours, and that is not much anyway. Plus the internet Clients tend to be younger, more of-this-world and higher paying.

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GT is OK if you can put up with the cock ups that their classified advertising dept. seem to make (there is another thread on this)

Local papers, if they will accept your advert, are a good source of easily satisfied clients. Loot doesn't cover the area I work so I use FreeAdMart - a similar type of paper - and find that it usually brings in good easily satisfied clients, they also have an internet presence and the advert goes on there as well. I'm sure that there is a similar type of publication in your area.

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