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Manchester Meet Saturday 3rd August


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I will be in Manchester Fri 2nd Aug > Sun 4th - it would be great if any guys wish to meet for at least a drink! - please feedback here if you are interested - also if any of you are interested to be available to duo with me great - I won't be charging London rates! - I would pool what the client pays and split 50/50.



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TERRIFIC! Nearer the date will sort venue, time - lol I imagine somewhere near a certain canal! - any particular bar you guys recommend?

0790 356 7922


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Hija Ben & Ben & any other lads here - Sat 3rd Aug 8.30pm Taurus Canal Street - hope this time OK with you!!!

0790 356 7922 - Now IF Sat not convenient for you guys Sunday 4th is an option

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