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Forum Clean Up

Ben Manchester

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Yesterday I had another membership clear out, again removing all members who have never posted and who have not logged in for twelve months.

I've also removed the New Member Introductions forum, as this was interfering with my ability to identify members who hadn't posted elsewhere. I've deleted a couple of forums that weren't in use and removed some dead threads (old threads that have never had a reply).

This general clean up will affect some members' post counts, so be alarmed if yours has changed.

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Today I've started to reorganise some of the forums. When I started this website, there was no content to organise and I made my best guess at what forums people would find useful. After three years, we've outgrown these initial forums and I want to separate the threads into new subject areas to better reflect how we use the forums and make it easier to find threads.

I've made some headway today and will continue over the next day or two. Please be aware that content may not be in the right place at the moment.

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Thanks guys - what do you think of the new categories so far? Are any confusing? Can you think of a common subject that you wouldn't know where to post?

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Wow well this must have taken a lot of your time - very impressed - brilliant - not had time to explore - but the changes you have made should make it much easier for guys to navigate - I would only add that a statement about the power of the 'search' option would be welcome - not only for numbers, profile names but also ref the recent enquiry about working abroad in Dubia - I put the word 'abroad' in search and found some useful stuff.

The response from young Ben is a terrific endorsement - and I know from feedback here that many escorts have derived much benefit - some have avoided false bookings and find general advice useful.

I would advise pun intended to 'suck it and see' on the changes.


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