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A regular, who likes to bring another escort with him sometimes, just commented on some bad reviews for one of the escorts he had in mind for tonight. I didn't get an opportunity to ask him which site this was but it was clearly useful for him. I'm aware of daddysreviews.com but are there other sites where we may be reviewed?

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Daddy's is the only site I know that has a consistent track record

By coincidence I met "Daddy" from daddysreviews a view weeks ago at the Desiree Alliance Sex Worker Conference in Las Vegas

Review sites can be problematic in a number of ways.

Though if you have good reviews they can also provide great marketing.

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I question how many clients use escort review sites? only the hardened escort users who seem hard to please.

As the review sites have such a small number of clients providing an input are the reviews worthless? These sites are hardly on a par with "TripAdvisor" and look at the problems with worthless and false reviews that site has - OK I accept that its a travel site and not a sex site.

I think that I've had 2 bad reviews, well bad reviews that the clients bothered to post anyway. One was from a client that I hadn't even seen and the other was from a client who's personal hygiene was so poor I had to ask him to leave.

A good review will, I suppose, increase you business. A bad review, well there's plenty more clients out there.

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boytoy.com vg and you can post 'home made porn'

daddies review originated in the USA - Over the years quite a number of my American clients have booked based on my reviews - they are big into checking out UK reviews before booking.

BOTH have for sure got me bookings - and to date not one bad review.

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That thread only mentions three sites, two of which appear very small. Is daddysreviews the only big UK review site?

Male Escort Guide contains a lot of reviews, but most are short and read like fake reviews.
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that is not the fault of the review site - its a fact that the majority of male escorts in the UK - just cant be 'bothered' as they can't see the value, I can - fair enough - well that's up to them.

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planetromeo, rentmen and massagerepublic all have built in reviews. I heard a rumour that how many reviews you have is one of the things that influences how high up in search results you appear on planetromeo. I got about 2000 clicks to my site from daddysreviews in the last 3 days since my last review there according to jetpack analytics on wordpress so it is great publicity.

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