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$1,000 a month on marketing ?

Cameron Cox

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Any comments on this article http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/united-kingdom/130823/britain-gay-male-escort-internet ?

Not sure if Josh is a member here but interested in what people think is a reasonable return on advertising and a reasonable advertising budget.

For example I have always had a rule that I didn't want my weekly advertising budget to exceed the income I get for the first job of the week (which coincidentally limits me to approx $1,000 per month). Currently due to my having three days a week unavailable for sex work I have dropped my advertising to Gaydar at $40 per month and two other sites that charge $5 per month each (ie about $12 per week) and still get a minimum of five jobs a week.


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See thread "Can you advertise too much" (Advertising & Promotion). It touches on a similar subject.

An interesting article on the globalpost link. I always wonder if plastering yourself across publications like that is good publicity. Does it put clients off, does it attract clients or is it just a boost to the escorts self esteem? It always strikes me as the latter.

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£500-1000 is not that bad for a top London Male Escort. I'd even be paying about £200 in Manchester if I had no online marketing ability, and some of those top positions in London can be pretty dear when you factor in say six websites and magazines at £150 each.

If I could get Gaydar for £25, I'd be renewing next time.

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I'd be spending it on sedatives.

OH sometimes James you make me laugh!!

Occasionally when I go for advertising in publications - a tip here DON'T go for EVERY issue ie if weekly - Loot recently have started a male seeking male adult services section - 3 times a week - well for me IF I go for the 12 issue offer - it will be just 12 times a year - on the last payday of each month - that is when most clients are in more of a spending mood.

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