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Documentary: Boy For Rent; Saturday January 5Th: Bbc Radio 5 Live Investigates: 11Am

Cameron Cox

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"Prostitution is regarded as the world’s oldest profession and one that has traditionally been the domain of women. Today, it is common to also find gay men selling their services, and rather than a job they have been forced into, for some it is viewed as a legitimate career choice.

Mobeen Azhar reports for BBC World Service and 5 live Investigates on the surprisingly professional world of male sex workers living in London"



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The 1 hour documentary ' Boy for Rent ' can be downloaded here:


This should download world wide it's a BBC World Service documentary.

Cameron, let me know if you still can't download.... I'll find out with the journalist I worked with if there is another link for Australia.

My blog has links to all the media stuff to go with the documentary:


This was two years in the making originally for TV then it went to World Service that gets around 180 million listeners. I hope everyone enjoys, let me know what you think.

Josh Brandon - http://www.josh-escort.com

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Links to the BBC News article, Documentary and Radio interviews...

Some of this was mentioned in another post. I wanted to provide all of the links in one place.

The full 1 hour Boy for Rent documentary repeats tonight on BBC World Service at 20.00 GMT. Download of the full 1 hour documentary is available here:


Radio interview with 5 Live investigates, featuring two other guests who talk about the legal side of the business, while I get grilled about morals. Is available here:


Radio Interview with BBC West Midlands... The interview starts around 1 hour 40 minutes in to the show:


The BBC News article which I'm told was the most read and in the top 5 most shared of the day on the BBC news site, the site has around 60 million daily visitors. The article was translated to 5 other languages after being requested by the BBC international services:


And my blog with all of these links here:


I worked with the BBC for around 2 years on this documentary, we filmed for TV originally then it went to the BBC World Service, they have an audience of 180 million listeners around the world.

It would be interesting to hear other escorts' opinions, the response I've had so far has been insane. From clients and most escorts it's overall good. From the general public it's been mixed to say the least lol

Thanks and hope you guys enjoy the documentary and interviews :)

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Finally got round to listening to the documentary, quite enjoyed it, I hadn't expected to...

There were a few things that irked me - the spurious straw poll ring-a-round asking escorts for bareback; the interview with the client; how much it made me think of that Tory dichotomy of 'strivers or shirkers' (when the majority of folk are 'tick-along-ers').

But then it couldn't really be everything in one 50 minute documentary, and for all that it was still a good listen, with a few surprising bits, like the reaction of Josh's father and brother and how the increase in HIV infection that's being seen in gay men in general isn't being seen amongst male escorts/sex workers.

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Did eventually get around to listening to the documentary - the BBC World Service always gives the impression of the head of the empire broadcasting words of wisdom to the colonies !!

The broadcast was rather generic, going down the route of all the other "investigations" into the world of male escorting, the only thing missing was the interview with the HIV+ escort - instead they used the example of the drug dependant escort to show the seedy side of the escorting business.

I agree with Rab, liked the section of the broadcast with the father and brother.

I wonder if the interview will increase or decrease Josh's client base. Personally I tend to follow the "discretion' route.

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I got the call a few months ago from a BBC employee asking about unprotected anal. Worthless, as the obvious answer to somebody like that sticking their nose in is "no", and most advertisers would never commit to it with a stranger. The most offensive thing is being asked (note all the ads that chastise callers for asking), and the most common practice is to play it by ear.

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As a full time escort, at 55yo I am really pole opposite in what I offer and age, however we do have in common The Male Sex Worker of The Year Award, a positive attitude to our profession, and both are very open about what we do for a living. I have always had huge respect for Josh and admiration for his attitude and ‘maturity’ of mind – your recent interviews and high profile in the media reminds of that famous Michael Caine quote from the film The Italian Job ‘I only told you to blow the bloody doors off’ Josh has done exactly that in a positive way about OUR industry. The support of your family is mind blowing – your honesty is to be admired – a terrific role model for our industry – that you are the most famous escort in London – excuse me in the World – you have earned that accolade – it was never handed to you. Well done and I look forward to your book which I am sure will be a BEST SELLER. Wishing you long term success in everything – and don’t ever think you are too old to be an escort !

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