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Gay Escort Union - defunct?


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Has anyone come across this site/organisation before? Ben must have surely?


I'm surprised I've not stumbled on it years ago as there is a finite list of decent UK-based gay male escort support sites out there and they tend to be intermittent. As far as I know, we still lack a single voluntary sector body to represent us as workers and as a community although this has all the hallmarks of something along those lines (along with this excellent site of course).

It's got some really good advice, and it's the sort of thing I'd like to support and contribute my time to but it's a shame the site seems to have no contact details and their forums are littered with spam-bots :(

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The guy that ran this website left the country maybe three years ago now. He ran a number of gay scene type websites as well as Gay Escort Union but none of them have been updated since he left. The websites are all still up, so presumably he's still paying the web hosting bill, but I can't imagine why given the lack of updates.

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