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Upgrade to forum software July 2014

Ben Manchester

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Hi guys,


After a number of late nights and a lot of frustration, I've moved the Good Escort forum to a new software platform and new web and database server. This means the website shouldn't have the same slow downs the previous version was experiencing in the evenings, and there are a few improvements to the functionality of the website which I'm sure you'll notice as you use the website.


I've taken this opportunity to clean up the membership database and have removed all uses who haven't logged since the end of 2011. You may see some posts attributed to Guest accounts, these are from people who have been removed.


Although the new format forums are now live, I'm still working on one or two bits here and there so some minor changes may kick in over the next week or two.


Please let me know your thoughts and let me know if you have and problems with the new layout and/or functionality.

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Cheers for the info James. That will come down to when you last changed your password. Older passwords will have been stored in a format that requires upgrading for this system. Newer passwords were already in the newer format so won't be affected.

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Ok, I see. Are you optimising the site for mobile? I am not aware of any forum software that works on mobiles.


The site will switch to a mobile template when it recognises a mobile browser. You can also control the template used using the "change theme" option at the bottom of the page.


It's readable but some functionality is lost. The next version of the software is supposed to include improvements for mobile but I haven't reviewed them yet.


I did run an iOS app in the last version of the software but I think I was the only person using it!

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