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Seeking advice/feedback Australia - I vibe Melbourne is better than Sydney for potential clients


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From 4th May > 1 June I will be in Australia - very much BUSINESS - PLEASURE & visiting some family.

OK I have booked my itinerary as follows:
4 - 11 May Sydney

11 - 17 May Newcastle ( family )

18 - 24 May Melbourne

25 - 1 June Sydney.


However I am NOW seriously considering extending my Melbourne dates until at least the 29th May.

1) Got loads of feedback that Melbourne is a terrific city and maybe has even more to offer than Sydney.

2) My observation of the gaydar chatroom traffic: For Sydney rooms ZERO For Melbourne chat rooms PLENTY.

I just got this 'gut feeling' that it may be much better for seeking clients in Melbourne.


Would welcome feedback from any guys that have had experience of escorting in Australia.

Apart from gay romeo really appre feedback on sites/mags to advertise.

Finally if anyone can recommend an OZ sim card that I can get in advance that would be handy!



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Found elsewhere on the forum - but still seek advice ref Melbourne v Sydney


In Australia internet advertising is done mainly on Gaydar; Squirt.org and a local site called Rentboyaustralia.com although the Adult Services section of a general advertising site called Cracker is also becoming popular.
Gaydar is the most expensive (pay monthly or quarterly), Squirt and Rentboy are yearly but are less than $100 a year; which is half the one hour rate for an average escort and Cracker is per week.

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Hey, Have a great trip! I heard cracker is popular. I only escorted there briefly in Brisbane and Gold Coast and at the time I was just advertising in the adult services sections of classifieds in local newspapers. I think newspapers are still a good option there and they all let you post your ad online.

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ah so!



here are some more I have found:








Cameron Cox Hey Michael Peacock Sydney and Melbourne are indeed very different cities and do vary a fair bit in the markets that are available for sex work but I wouldnt base decisions on Gaydar chat room; esp as Gaydar isnt the No 1 escort hook up app in either city.

You might also take into consideration that the laws in both cities re sex work are very different. In Sydney sex work is decriminalised whilst in Melbourne the system is legalised/regulated/registration and if you work in Melbourne without registering and complying you may get a visit from the local plod.

Places to start in looking at working in Sydney or Melbourne would be NSW/Sydney SWOPmale http://swop.org.au/


Cameron Cox in Victoria/Melbourne RhED - Resourcing health & education in the Victorian sex industry http://sexworker.org.au/




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