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Welcome to join  my new subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/sexworkerblogs/ 

and post a link to your website.



I've been using reddit a bit lately and found it can be a good way to promote your website.

The majority of their users are young American males so you will get few, if any, escorting clients in UK from there but it's worth doing if you're camming or selling pics, videos etc. I've noticed an increase in sales of my adultwork videos and clips4sale clips since I've been on there.

The site has a massive and very active userbase, one of the biggest in the world of it's kind, so if you can get a link posted anywhere on reddit it can send a lot of traffic to your site. Links that get upvoted onto the main page frequently crash smaller websites through the sheer volume of traffic.

They will ban you if you're too spammy but they don't mind links provided less than 10% of posts you make to reddit contain a link to your site.

I comment in /r/hookers and /r/sexworkers for the other 90%

Links have to be relevant to what you're posting and in a context that contributes in some way to a thread, or you create a new thread with your site link in it where your link is relevant to the context of your thread.

Link to comment


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