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Women Splashing Out on Male Escorts


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BBC radio, and later the mail Online, interviewed me the other day about women clients.


I'm a bi male escort and 99% of my clients are single men but I do see some women clients and also couples and I do duos with female and TS escorts and dominatrixes.


They say there's been a threefold increase in women hiring male escorts in recent years.


Since I've been escorting, it's gone from a few women clients per year to a few per month but I don't know how much of that increase is due to an actual increase in the numbers of women hiring male escorts and how much is just from improvements in my marketing and SEO.


Here's a link to the article via my blog- http://ozinlondon.co.uk/bbc-radio-and-mail-interviews/


Don't ever read the comments section of a mail online article. I don't think anyone comments there unless they are a bit simple and have a huge chip on their shoulder. I replied to a few just to stir the nest. The interviews brought in over 6,000 visitors to my site so it was worth doing.


I've had some calls from it and a pretty young Chinese woman hired me last night after reading the article. If hiring escorts is to become fashionable for women, bring it on I say. Vive la revolution!


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Great article Oz and I'm sure it'll help gain you some traffic. When ML was in the Mirror and the Daily Mail, visitor numbers spiked up and remained higher than normal for a number of weeks :)
Having spoken to a few escorts up North, the consensus seems to be that solo female clients are still a pretty rare thing but the number of MF couples hiring has increased over the last few years.
I suspect the "threefold increase" is a newspaper headline that isn't based on fact but hopefully articles like this will encourage more women to embrace the idea. Vive la revolution indeed!

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I have more male-female couples calling me after retiring for a year. But then I have more straight males contacting me. And more drugs. Whenever somebody calls me from London, it's someone on drugs.


I've also noticed that loads of my older customers now have smartphones. And new customers are more willing to send me money without questioning.

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