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You either love or hate Gaydar.


I've used Gaydar for years and always had numerous clients from the site. However over the last few months the number of clients from the site has dropped and last month didn't even pay the commercial subscriptions costs.


Noticed that the number of escorts advertising on Gaydar has decreased, in my area - South East - its dropped from about 18 to 8 in the last 2 months.


Gaydar seemed to have had a lot of technical problems and poor customer service recently so perhaps clients and escorts have got fed up with this and moved on.


Maybe I've just gone "stale" on the site and need to revamp my profile or have a break off of the site.


I'd be interested in other escorts views as to Gaydar...worth using the site or not ?

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I had a brief spell on gaydar a while ago but unfortunately very little materialised from the high volume of enquiries that I did receive off there. From my personal experience I don't really find gaydar that intuitive.

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Still find Gaydar useful, less for new clients (get the occasional one), more for staying in contact and staying visible with previous clients.

Never done a cost analysis on advertising compared to what I get back, but I imagine it'd be pretty tight.


Maybe the drop in escorts advertising will be a good thing.

Gaydar did seem to be in an unassailable position for a long time.  Maybe taking a bit of hit from the rise of phone apps and other escort sites will do it some good.

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Rab, I agree..it seems more to be a way to stay in touch with previous / regular clients..most of whom seem incapable of using a phone and will only contact me via Gaydar. I'm the same as Alex at the moment..high volume of enquiries but very few meets.


I think Gaydar rather sat on "it's" laurels for too long assuming that it was the only site..maybe Gaydar will realise that they're not as there income must be dropping by now.

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You are right I think gaydar needs to innovate and look at methods of attracting a wider audience because at this rate I think it will cease to make healthy revenues from commercial profiles.

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I've recently moved (further east in London, almost Essex but not quite) and Gaydar's proved the best website for making myself known in a new area.

Quite of a few of the contacts/enquiries aren't going to go anywhere, but a couple have already had sessions.

Saying that, I've got a feeling that'll be a 'fresh meat' blip before things settle back to normal.

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