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Phone numbers not appearing in site search


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I could go around pasting all of those numbers from the title into a thread where they should be for site search, but is there some way of including thread titles in the search to get around this?

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Hi James,


The search will find numbers in topic titles or in the body text by default.


Have you changed your search settings? If so, you can reset them using the settings icon next to the search box - just ensure "Match" is set to "search title and content".

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Just found out that it depends on where you start. If you are browsing the forum and viewing a topic, it will search that topic only (without the title). If you are on the site index, it will search all the topics and topic titles. The same goes for subforums. So if you are using the forum to do research on a phone number, you should ensure that you are using the index page as a starter, or at least the forum index.

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