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Sex Worker Rights Research

Eva Klam

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I am a PhD student at King's College London conducting research on the relationship between the regulation of sex work and sex worker's rights activism. I am looking for interested active sex workers as well as people with previous experience in the sex industry in the UK and New South Wales in Australia. I would like to conduct interviews in person, skype or by phone to ask about your opinions of the current laws that regulate the sex industry and what kind of changes, if any, you would like to see. If you have taken part in any protest events or any form of political activism (this is not a requirement to participate), I would invite you to tell me more about that as well. 

I am not a sex worker myself. I am conducting research on the impact of the policies and laws on sex workers' living and working conditions and sex workers' opinions on it. I want to use my research to work towards better laws and rights for sex workers and would like to learn from sex workers about how the law could be improved.

If you have ANY questions about the project, please just ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Please have a look at this blog as it will give you more information about the project and get in touch if you are interested (eva.klambauer@kcl.ac.uk). Thank you! I am looking forward to hearing from you. Eva Klambauer


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Hello, I am still looking for people to take part in a short interview. I would really like to make sure that the views of men are represented. Please send me a message and I will give you more information about the process as well as the incentives I can provide for participants. Thank you!

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