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Ugly mugs


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Ben has asked me to look at this - the recent case - see below has certainly made 'UGLY MUGS' a hot topic.

There is much more to follow!


From: chair@uknswp.org.uk


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 14:20:07 -0500

UK Network of Sex Work Projects

On the day Stephen Griffiths starts a life sentence for the murder of three women who had been involved in street sex work, the UK Network of Sex Work Projects calls on the government to fund a UK wide “Ugly Mugs” scheme to enhance local schemes and improve intelligence sharing about perpetrators of crimes against sex workers across the UK.

Sex workers are often hesitant to contact police directly due to fear of arrest or public identification and other effects of stigma. “Ugly Mugs” is a system, originally developed by sex workers, which many UKNSWP member projects have adapted to enable the sharing of information about violent offenders, robbers and others who commit crimes against people in the sex industry.

Sex workers can report crimes against them to sex work projects, providing detailed descriptions of the incidents. If the sex worker gives permission, this information is also passed to local police. However, some areas do not operate “Ugly Mugs” schemes, and there is no mechanism for intelligence to be shared UK wide even though offenders may move from one area to another and some sex workers work across different parts of the country.

A new BBC documentary examines safety issues for people who sell sex in the current legal context. It looks at the barriers sex workers face in reporting crimes committed against them and points to a UK wide “Ugly Mugs” scheme as one important way in which local “Ugly Mugs” schemes could be linked so sex workers are more effectively protected and perpetrators caught sooner.

The introduction of a UK wide “Ugly Mugs” scheme has support from amongst the Association of Chief Police Officers.

The documentary, to be screened on the BBC News Channel on December 31st, looks at safety, violence and policing issues in the UK sex industry. Women from Bradford, Liverpool and Blackpool share their experiences of sex work. The programme examines the support that exists for individuals in the industry and looks at the different approaches to policing sex work around the country.

The UKNSWP welcomes the BBC investigation and calls for a re-examination of current legislation.

Georgina Perry of UKNSWP said: “The Policing and Crime Act 2009 continues to criminalise sex workers, creating a culture of fear and distrust of the authorities and preventing the reporting of violent and serious crimes against these vulnerable people. Current legislation fails sex workers, who should be able to receive the same level of support from the police as other members of society.”

“Liverpool has introduced a supportive model of policing where sex workers are protected and intelligence about crimes against them is shared. This has led to a dramatic rise in convictions for those who commit crimes against this group. We hope that this model will be rolled out UK wide. We are also calling on government to implement a UK wide “Ugly Mugs” scheme so that intelligence about violent offenders can be shared between police forces.”

For further information please contact:

Lorraine Galatowicz (UKNSWP Chair) on 07811 442 479

Or Georgina Perry (UNKNSWP Board member) on 07970 956 127


The UK Network of Sex Work Projects is a network of over 50 projects that provide frontline support to sex workers in the UK. UKNSWP facilitates networking and the sharing of good practice for the provision of support services for sex workers amongst. UKNSWP advocates for policies and service provisions which enhance the safety, welfare and rights of sex workers. UKNSWP is a voluntary sector charity.

Lorraine Galatowicz

Chair of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects

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Press Release

The International Union of Sex Workers

Monday 21st December 2010

Immediate Release

Stephen Griffiths starts life sentence for the murder of three sex workers.

International Union of Sex Workers calls for policies that prioritise safety:


the Merseyside Model

UK wide “Ugly Mugs”

December 17th, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, was marked by an IUSW vigil in Bradford. Sex workers and allies from the local community gathered with candles and red umbrellas – symbol of the international sex workers’ rights movement – in commemoration of the harms done to people who sell sex, by individuals and by society.

How the law harms sex workers

Since the Policing & Crime Act 2009, people who sell sex on street – like Suzanne Blamires, Shelley Armitage and Susan Rushworth – can have contact with the police no more than four times a year without risk of arrest for “persistent” soliciting, which is defined as twice in three months.

People who sell sex indoors – male, female, and transgender, though the law is overwhelmingly enforced against women – are criminalised if they work together: any building used by more than one sex worker can be raided as a brothel and legislation on “controlling for gain” covers almost every way of working with or for a third party.

Decriminalisationis an essential step in order to give sex workers the full protection of the law – while we are criminalised for working together, we can never be safe. Catherine Stephens, an activist with the IUSW says, “The law builds in vulnerability and isolation at the most fundamental level. Would we be safer if we could work together? Yes. Is that legal? No.”

In addition, the IUSW calls for the “Merseyside Model” to be adopted nationwide. In Liverpool, crime against sex workers is treated as hate crime: there is a 68% detection rate for rapes committed against street sex workers and 90% of violent cases that went to court resulted in convictions. This shows that, with the political will, we can tackle violence against people in the sex industry.

Further action to increase safety would be for the government to fund a proposed UK wide “Ugly Mugs” scheme, managed by the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, to enable earlier detection of perpetrators of crimes against sex workers. “Ugly Mugs” information sharing was created by sex workers as a response to the absence of police protection – many members of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects have developed such schemes but there is currently no mechanism for them to share information and there are some areas of the UK with no scheme at all. The Association of Chief Police Officers supports the introduction of a UK wide “Ugly Mugs” scheme.


International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workerswas created by sex workers as a way to speak out against those who would silence us, whether by direct violence, the violence of the state or those who would rather speak for or about us than listen to us. This day has been marked by sex workers to commemorate the harms done to our community since 2003, in reaction to the comments of the “Green River Killer” who murdered at least 71 women. “I picked prostitutes as victims because they were easy to pick up without being noticed. I knew they would not be reported missing right away and might never be reported missing … I thought I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught."

A partial list of the global events marking December 17 can be found at


The red umbrella, symbol of the international sex workers’ rights movement, originated in Italy in 2001. Red for our strength and our pride, it represents both the literal shelter from the weather needed when working on the street, and a symbolic protection from the prejudice, discrimination and abuse still endured by sex workers everywhere.


How “Ugly Mugs” works.

Sex workers can report crimes against them to the local sex work project, providing detailed descriptions of the incident. With permission, this information is passed by the project to local police with no risk to the victim of the crime.


The International Union of Sex Workers:

For our human, civil and labour rights. For our inclusion and decriminalisation.

For freedom to choose and respect for those choices, including the absolute right to say no.

For the full protection of the law. For everyone in the sex industry.


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-----Original message-----

From: stoops michelle <shelly.stoops@blueyonder.co.uk>

Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 15:07

Subject: Re: Website Contact - Shelly Stoops National Ugly Mugs Development Officer

Hiya Ben

Thanks for getting back to me! We arent looking at replacing all the fab work being done by you and other folks (for example escort ireland, SAAFe forum etc)-merely to add to 'your toolkit' of strategies for keeping safe.

We have widely consulted sex workers via various websites, lists and, for example IUSW and agencies working with sex workers, male female & trans as we want it to be as inclusive as possible.

We have also had sex workers sitting on our advisory group and feeding back to their lists etc but you have only just come to our attention via another agency who suggested we contact you?


I have attached the briefing paper and model for you to have a look at and maybe get it out to your guys to get their thoughts? Also any tips they may have on keeping safe for the new website?

With my other hat on-I work in a project in Liverpool called the Armistead Centre (Im currently seconded 3 days a week on the national ugly mugs project)-maybe you have heard of us? My role there is as a 'Specialist Independent Sexual Violence Advisor for Sex Workers'.

That means I run an Ugly Mugs scheme and work with sex workers (male female or trans) (on street, off street or escorts) who have experienced sexual or other forms of violence-basically from when they report all the way through to court (if thats what the client wants) and beyond. You can google me! So if any of your Liverpool guys want to access me-feel free to pass my mobile on 07789903081 and we can also provide free condoms & lube, personal alarms, safety advice etc free of charge. They can also report violent clients to me safely and anonymously too. I currently have 4 trans escorts on my books.

There are people doing the same job as me in Blackpool, Derby, London, Leeds and Coventry who would be happy to offer a service to clients also, in Manchester there is MASH (a sex work project) who Im sure will be happy to talk to your clients if they needed help or advice

Look forward to chatting some more


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30th November 2010

UK Network of Sex Work Projects

Unit 114

Cariocca Business Park

2 Sawley Road, Miles Platting

Manchester M40 8BB

Tel: 0161 629 9861

Fax: 0161 202 2132

Email: admin@uknswp.org.uk




Many sex work support projects have their own local “ugly mugs”/dodgy punter” scheme which can be effective in; alerting sex workers to dangerous people, increasing reporting, detection and conviction of crimes. UK NSWP has produced good practice guidance for “Ugly mugs/Dodgy Punters” available at: http://www.uknswp.org/resources/GPG1.pdf

Local project schemes have been developed in recognition that; sex workers (particularly) in some sectors are vulnerable to serious sexual and other crimes, some offenders target sex workers, some men who have been found guilty of murdering sex workers have a history of crimes against sex workers and others and that crimes committed against sex workers are seriously under-reported to the police and other authorities. Sex workers can, for a variety of reasons, be reluctant to report crimes committed against them to the police and make formal complaints, this means serious sexual and other crimes against sex workers are under-reported. Hence criminal justice responses to such crimes are limited and records do not reflect prevalence.

The UK Network of Sex Work Projects (UKNSWP) has for over 10 years called for the development of UK wide Ugly Mugs Scheme. There is currently no integrated UK wide scheme. There is a considerable evidence base to suggest that some offenders who target sex workers, are repeat offenders, are highly mobile and commit offences in several areas . Some sex workers are also equally mobile and may work in a number of locations.

The purpose of an integrated UK wide scheme would be to; encourage consistency of reporting practice across the country, enable alerts to be circulated more rapidly, enable more rapid identification of offenders, improve the level, and analysis of intelligence, provide better data across the UK about crimes committed against sex workers and lead to more effective investigation and detection of crimes. As some offenders who commit crimes against people who are sex workers do not just attack sex workers the scheme will have wider benefits for the community and criminal justice system.

The Home Office have contracted UK Network of Sex Work Project to carry a “UK wide Ugly Mug Development Project”. This commenced on 1st January 2010 and will be completed by 31st December 2010. The project is being funded as part of the “We Can End: Violence against Women and Girls Strategy”. The key outcome of the development project is to develop a detailed model for a UK wide scheme. The development project involves the necessary consultation and research to inform a model for a UK wide scheme. N.B. The funding allocated to this work is to produce a model for a scheme, not to establish and operate a scheme.


Project activity completed so far includes;

• Consultation meetings have been held with a number of stakeholders and interested parties, which have included member projects within the UKNSWP, the National Working Group on Sexually Exploited Young People (NWG), Beyond The Streets, Crown Prosecution Service, Home Office, local Police forces, ACPO lead on Prostitution, UKHTC, NHS Clinical Governance, Rape Crisis (England and Wales), Poppy (Eaves Housing), Baroness Stern, Suzy Lamplugh Trust, Survivor’s Trust and Escort forums. Meetings with other key organisations are ongoing.

• A consultation survey assessing UKNSWP and NWG membership support for a UK & Ireland scheme has been carried out. This has also collected information about current “ugly mugs/dodgy punter” provision amongst UKNSWP member projects

• Police Officer workshops have been established, bringing together officers with experience and expertise of policing prostitution, to identify issues that need to be considered from a police perspective.

• Templates for reporting forms and alert forms have been produced, a membership contract and protocols to support the national scheme are being developed.

• A website designer has been identified through a tendering process, the contract for which includes two years worth of maintenance and redesign. The web-based platform aims to be completed by December 2010.

• Consultation is continuing with the National Policing Improvement Agency, specifically around data protection, information sharing/governance. NPIA will be the national police hub in the proposed model and will receive data from the UKNSWP scheme.


UKNSWP are carry out the development project but are working closely with key partners including; it’s member projects, sex workers, local police forces, Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), National Police Intelligence Agency, Crown Prosecution Service, Home Office Violent Crimes Unit, the National Working Group on Sexual Exploitation, International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW/GMB), Beyond the Streets and other appropriate agencies. To support the project an advisory group has been established with membership drawn from these partner agencies.


As part of the development project UKNSWP is identifying formal organisational supporters for a UK wide scheme. If your organisation would like to support the scheme in principle, or you would like further information about the development project, please contact UKNSWP via Shelly Stoops or Rosie Campbell who are leading on this project for UKNSWP.

Shelly Stoops Rosie Campbell

shelly.stoops@blueyonder.co.uk rosiecamp1@aol.com

07789903081 07870695883

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The project is being funded as part of the “We Can End: Violence against Women and Girls Strategy”.

Ben - Question - ref above quote - we need to find out if 'UGLY MUGS' is for the benefit of ALL sex workers - or is this all about protecting Women Sex Workers?

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Ben - I have had a scan through - and it sounds interesting - please make contact - I vibe this will be very biased towards the female side of the industry - WE need to make clear that violence does occur against male & trans-gender sex workers - so it would be helpful if the site discussed above has a section for 'UGLY MUGS' that have a history of targeting Male/trans-gender sex workers - otherwise we will be trawling through loads of reports that have no relevance.

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To: shelly.stoops@blueyonder.co.uk

CC: escort@manchesterlads.com; gregory.king@imperial.nhs; info@nudityclub.co.uk

Subject: FW: Ugly Mugs

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 03:36:11 +0000

Hija Shelly

I help Ben with the site www.goodescort.co.uk - well I am a site moderator - with a big mouth!

As far as we are aware this is the only UK site dedicated to reporting dodgy clients for the Male/Trans-gender side of the industry - the problem with SAAFE and they have NEVER taken up my point - is that the site is 99% about female sex workers - and that there should be a seperate section to report dodgy clients who inflict misery on male & Trans.

Ben recently asked me to look at your project - first impression - all positive.

Just a few points:

The project is being funded as part of the “We Can End: Violence against Women and Girls Strategy”.

Maybe I am taking the above quote out of context - our site represents MALE & TRANS-GENDER sex workers - WE seek re-assurance that UGLY MUGS will be for our benefit!

It would be very useful if reports about UGLY MUGS who target our community are listed in a separate section - otherwise we will need to trawl through hundreds of reports about UGLY MUGS that primarily target Women.

I have cc Gregory King of the Working Men's Project at St Mary's Paddington - when I went for my periodic STI check up on Tuesday he seemed very supportive of your initiative - he could be a very useful contact - so I encourage you to 'touch base' with Greg.

On our website I have started a thread - UGLY MUGS - to draw attention to your initiative.

You should have very tight controls - as we do - on who can access the forum - but not so that genuine sex workers give up the will to live when trying to register.

OK - No doubt you may start screaming 'data protection' - WE would recommend FULL DISCLOSURE of UGLY MUGS contact numbers if known - supplying the last 4 numbers of a mobile number is a waste of time.

We are more than happy to exchange site banners!

OK these are just my initial feedback thoughts - which I have - as always tried to make as constructive - far too many people I find in life love to slag off without offering anything.

Feel free to now give me a polite or not so polite fcuk off.

Michael Peacock ( EX IUSW ) - 07525 344 995

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A male escort was contacted by a man via SMS message (his number ended in 1492) and agreed an outcall appointment on 25/05/13 in a flat opposite Sainsburys on Ealing Road. The man, who called himself Ben and said he was African Indian, was described as: early 40s, 5’6, dark skin, wearing a blue and white striped top. He gave him a drink and soon afterwards the escort started to feel strange. He woke up the next morning and couldn’t remember anything. The man said he had to go to the cash machine but ran away as soon as they were out of the door. The escort said that there was crystal meth in the apartment and he was asked if he takes drugs.

(Reported to NUM 21/05/13)

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Alex that runs UGLY MUGS has asked me to share what follows ASSUMING only male/trans escorts have membership HERE within this group:

Alex Feis-Bryce


National Ugly Mugs Scheme

0161 629 9861

Mobile: 07725747247

Dear NUM members,

National Ugly Mugs is continually searching for ways to improve safety for sex workers and as such we've been working alongside a great IT company to develop an innovative new app. We've also partnered with SWISH project in London as we’d love to consult sex workers because we want to make sure the app works for you! Therefore you are invited to attend a focus group on 14th May at Earls Court Health and Wellbeing Centre (postcode – SW5 0PT) between 13.30-15.00. For further details email me at alex.bryce@uknswp.org.uk.

ALSO - Please make the effort to donate - this scheme is VITAL and the only UK wide alert scheme - it receives NO funding.

Text “UGLY00 £3” to 70070 to donate to UKNSWP Ugly Mugs and make a difference today

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