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Blackhat SEO landing pages in Google


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I'm currently writing a lot of landing pages to enhance my site's search profile for various locations.


A landing page panders to a customer search phrase, such as - Huddersfield Male Escort, and aims to rank in the first ten results for that search phrase.


When producing this kind of page, I think it's important to at least rephrase the text each time so that it is seen as original/human generated and likely to be treated favorably in the search results. This also presents an opportunity to describe, honestly, your availability within the given area or for the given service. I have been lead to believe that duplicate content attracts penalties at the domain level and that lengthening the text beyond 300 characters, including images and relevant hotlinks also helps.


Whilst researching some of the search phrases I am targeting, I found some content that didn't adhere to these standards, and was surprised that it hadn't been blacklisted for duplicate content alone:








Plenty of content rips on Google sites, such as https://sites.google.com/site/glossoptransvestiteescort/


The creator of this content seems to have posed an escort as a TV, Transsexual, Shemale and Gay, using almost exactly the same text. He sometimes switches the order of keywords and creates multiple pages advertising exactly the same thing, leading to three plus search results in a row, ranking surprisingly high in some instances.


I was just utterly surprised that this kind of thing still gets missed by the algorithms, and it makes me angry, having spent half an hour per page.


I am more and more convinced that low quality landing pages written by somebody in the developing world would present a far better benefit for my outlay in time and energy.

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