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Forum Updates January 2016

Ben Manchester

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Hi Everyone!

January is quiet month for me so I've been taking the opportunity to make some (what are hopefully) improvements to the forum over the last couple of days:

Upgrade to Forum Software and New Layout Design

  • One layout which adapts to desktops and mobile, it's no longer necessary to switch templates when using your phone.
  • New and clearer ways to follow content and discover activity.
  • A better messaging system which allows multiple recipients in messaging for group conversation.
  • Easy to use reputation system, allowing members to rate each others' contributions to the forums.
  • A warnings system which will apply penalty points to abusive or spammy behaviour, ultimately leading to restrictions or account banning for repeat offenders. This is to help facilitate content moderation once I have some volunteers (see below).

Downloads Section

  • I've added a downloads section as a central repository for escort related publications.
  • People do not have to join to access downloads, making this advice available to anyone.

Senior Members

  • A new member group for members who have contributed more than 200 posts.
  • Increased maximum number messages that can be stored.
  • Increased storage space for attachments.
  • Ability to edit your own posts for 24 hours after posting, to help you correct those mistakes you notice later (normal accounts may now edit up to two hours after posting).
  • Ability to hide your content, perhaps useful for removing topics which are out of date.

This is where I'm up to at the moment but I may continue to fiddle over the next few days.

Future Improvements


I'd like to start adding moderators to the system, so we can keep a better eye on post to ensure they meet our guidelines - especially the Bad Client forum which users frequently miss useful information from, such as location information. If this is something you'd be interested in, please PM me.


It would be helpful if someone could volunteer to create a list of the best, most interesting or most popular posts each month which I could send out in an email newsletter.

Help / FAQ

Are there any areas of the website you find difficult to use or require further information? Would it be useful for us to create a FAQ section with explanations of how to use certain functions?

Other suggestions

If you have other suggestions, please feel free to comment below or PM me. It's possible for me to add quite a lot of other content to the site, such as long form articles or blogs for individual users - would anyone be interested in creating content that might benefit the escorting community and be published here?

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