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Getting Clients Via Dating Sites - Squirt


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This ironically was going to part of my reply to another topic about the merits of text messaging! 

Well I much prefer to start with an initial text message when seeking clients from dating sites.

My question to other escorts is:

Have any of you guys had success at gaining clients via 'dating sites' - if so some examples would be useful! 

OZ in London - Brilliant strategy! I apply the same to my NON escort profile on Squirt ( discussed in another recent topic ) and I still get clients - via Squirt - but the setting up of the session is all OFF site and initially via email then rapidly to mobile. Some go straight for a text msge contact which suits me just fine. 

for example: ( I did try the same approach for re-con - had loads of responses but profile only lasted weeks -  no doubt I still got reported, but that's life ).

As discussed elsewhere I have dipped in and out of craigslist but the effort is painful - usually if I post in London within hours it gets taken down, even though I never give any hint that I am an escort. 

Posts in the home counties rarely get taken down.

I have one very regular client thanks to Badoo - my account was eventually blocked.

Squirt is the ONLY 'dating' site I use, essentially for seeking clients - it has a very decent google page rank of:  

5/10 http://www.squirt.org - which is right up there with gaydar & viva st

No doubt eventually my luck will run out with Squirt but with so many 'escort' sites that have gone, we do need to be more creative - rentboy - squirt - backpage ( impossible unless you use bitcoin ) fitlads and no doubt more to follow.


Thanks for your message and your request to meet.

Please share with me your email address and then you can find out much more 'about me' and/or you can call or text me direct on 0790 356 7922. erotic38@yahoo.co.uk
Note if you send a text please remind me of your Squirt profile name!


Michael 'There is only ONE Sleazymichael.'

IF they share a number or txt me direct I send this msge:

Hija Thanks for sharing your number, I am xxxxx on Squirt - check out www.sleazymichael.com I would not wish there to be any misunderstanding - if you decline to meet I will understand xxx Michael

And earlier today I got a call in response to my text we had an actual CONVERSATION and he has booked a session. 

When I send an email ( quite often! ) the format goes as follows ( that the site used to list escorts is very positive ) 

Hija ( what follows is an edit as I always include free access details to some home porn movies I am in, they are a terrific sweetener and I get great feedback - also I give them a link to my tumblr profile which has plenty of high res images of my privates ).

Thanks for sharing your email address via Squirt

With ref to our recent exchange of msges via Squirt delighted that you are so enthusiastic about meeting in the REAL WORLD!


If we meet it would be on the basis of what follows.



"As of October 21, 2015, all references to escorts and massage services have been removed from Squirt.org! "As a company based in Canada, we need to comply with the change in Canadian law prohibiting advertising the sale of sexual services."

With reference to this action, please be aware that I previously had an escort profile on this site - so IF we meet it would need to be on the basis of what is now shared.


If you do not reply to this email or decide not to seek my pleasure, I will not be offended.


Delighted you wish to seek my pleasure! No issues with what you wish to explore.
IF you do decide to seek my pleasure:




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