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London - Regular Social Events For Escorts In London?


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Wondering if there are any regular social events for escorts in London? Coffee meets / drinks, that kind of thing?

I'm a relatively new addition to the escort community here and it would be great to swap stories & get to know some more longterm members.


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I organised a London meet up for escorts and masseurs a few years ago, and just as I had expected, a number of guys didn't turn up and didn't even have the decency to let me know that they were not coming. Send them a group text. Not a single response. In my response, genuine, honest and professional guys are few and far between. The majority just do it for the cash and have absolutely no consideration, sense of time or manners. 

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It would be refreshing to have a face to face, relaxed chat with other escorts. I've only ever really spoke to others when they've called me to try and arrange duo meet (which never seem to materialise), and so there's rarely been chance to swap stories or get to know each other.

I'd certainly be open to a relaxed social gathering of sorts. 


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Terrific idea
I have a local pub The Pyrotrechnists Arms, Nunhead Green, SE15 3QF
It has changed my life in an amazing way - it has a very large front and rear beer garden.
Feedback appreciated from goodescort members if anyone up for this, also what would work best weekday evening, or weekend daytime?

Buses ( Alight at Barsett Rd) 78 & P12 Destination Nunhead & Brockley

Trains ( Alight at Nunhead 5 mins walk )

14 mins SE Trains London Victoria. Destination Dartford.

17 mins Thameslink London Blackfriars. Destination Sevenoaks


TPAB (21).jpg

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I'm based in the West Midlands at the moment, and probably wont be in London for the next month or so. But feel free to get the ball rolling though on dates etc.

Any Midland escorts fancy a regional one?

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