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Craigslist therapeutic massage


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Hey guys,

I recently have been trying to post new adds under the new section, they alwasy get flagged and removed always, i rewrite them so it sounds 100% abover board still they get removed.

Has anyone else noticed the same?

Please only answer my question if you have actually tried posting a new ad on craiglsit under this section

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GUMTREE IS EVEN WORSE ( is that so for you guys? ) - from my experience the two times I posted making it clear that I only offered massage - within just hours my ad was de-listed.

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GUMTREE are very clear that all massage ads have to comply with their (very strict) advertising terms - once you've got one advert accepted its easy to copy the format and change a few words every now and then.

CRAIGSLIST - I've had several ads on there no problem.

With all these types of website I find it better to opt for a "worst case" scenario - like putting ads in personals/contacts sections - unless you are genuinely qualified to offer any type of massage therapy, steer clear of Health&Beauty type sections.

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